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Importance of Science in Our Daily Life

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❶Doctors can see the inside of our body with the help of X- ray which is yet another notable discovery of science. I make paper models with the help of Youtube video.

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But the science has invented vaccines and antidotes to completely eradicate these diseases. Today, complex heart and brain surgeries are carried out through nano technology. Many organs can be transplanted with the help of technology. We have now conquered the outer space. Since the time when we landed on the moon, efforts are afoot to set up human colonies in outer space.

Thousands of communication and imaging satellites can pin point any place on the earth. India has landed its craft on Mars. Many mysteries of the universe are now being unraveled. We may even be able to find out the origin of our world because of scientific exploration.

Space and distance have lost meaning. Sitting at our home we can be connected with anyone in any part of the world in seconds. We can switch on any radio station through satellite and watch any programme on TV from any country round the clock. Any news or event happening can reach us live. While we have progressed in every sphere of life due to science and technology, it has its darker side as well. Science has also brought with it nuclear bombs and weapons of mass destruction.

The entire world can be destroyed within seconds. Now days we have become slaves of technology. Ozone layer is depleting due to industrialization.

We are spinning out of control. It has analysed and classified the various constituents of our diet according to vitamin content, caloric value, mineral basis etc. It has explained to us the factors that make a balanced diet. With the help of all this knowledge, the State can provide schoolchildren with cheap but nutritive food in order to build up the physique of future generations. This shows how much science can contribute to the improvement of national well-being.

Science even has started producing synthetic food in the Laboratory, to supplement our food deficit. Next item of our necessity is our dress. Modern science has taught us the utility of light dress in a tropical country. Today we are certainly better clothed than ever before.

Also science has shown us how we can do a greater volume of work in shorter time and with less physical strain and sweat. It has placed at our disposal innumerable labour-saving devices, so that, life can become far less difficult than it is. Electric light and fan have made home-life more comfortable today.

The typewriter, the computer, washing machine, the telephone, the motor car, refrigerator,-all these and many others show how much work we can do with minimum labour. They save us from the drudgery of manual work to recuperate and thus enable us to do much more work with greater output than our ancestors.

At the same time, scientific process creates plenty of leisure, which we may devote to cultural pursuits. The modern man is thus able to live a fuller and many-sided life. In our sickness, we feel more than ever the benefits of science. The physician and the surgeon are today much more sure in their diagnosis of diseases through clinical tests, brain scanning and supersonic devices.

The physicians are now more confident in their ability to cure or to control them. The microscope, the X-ray, the radium, ultra sonography—all these have come as real blessings to humanity. With the growth of chemical and bacteriological sciences, the treatment of diseases has been very much sophisticated and yet simplified.

Wonder drugs like penicillin and streptomycin and other anti-biotics have proved specific medicines in the cure of diseases, which were formerly intractable. Allied to this is the contribution that science has made to our ideas of sanitation and hygiene.

Usage of science in everyday life

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Without science and its inventions, the society will surely reach the stone ages and we will no longer be able to live a sophisticated life. Imagine your life without electricity, fuel, vehicles and plastic, pretty incomplete right? So here are a few uses of science in our everyday life.

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Conclusion: The role of science is significant in our daily life. The various gifts of science has made our life more comfortable. The wonderful inventions of science such as electricity, fans, air-conditioners, television, mobile phones, motor-vehicles, etc. has eased our life, and now it has become almost impossible to live without using them.

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Essay on “Science in Everyday Life” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. The largest creature ever known to have existed on Earth is the present-day blue whale. The largest dinosaur attained a length of about 22 m and weighed about 36 tons.

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Science informs public policy and personal decisions on energy, conservation, agriculture, health, transportation, communication, defense, economics, leisure, and exploration. It's almost impossible to overstate how many aspects of modern life are impacted by scientific knowledge. Science is very much helpful in our daily life. The world would have been stopped without inventions of the Science. There is shortage of space everywhere in the world such as, high buildings are constructed both for commercial and residential purposes.