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How to Make a Homemade Model of a Space Shuttle


❶The straighter side should be at the bottom.

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How to Make Crafts Relating to Outer Space, Space Travel Astronomy, and the Planets

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Make a valley fold along the vertical dashed line. Step 7: Step 8: Step 7 Unfold the flap and make a mountain fold so that the flap is under the top sheet. Repeat behind. Step 8 Fold down the wing section. Repeat behind. Step 9: Step Step 9 Make another valley folding upward. Step 10 Repeat Step 9 on the other side wing.

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Materials to Make Cardboard Roll Rocket Ship: Cardboard space shuttle template ; Cardboard paper towel roll; Cereal Box ; Scissors; Pen ; Paint; Paint Brushes ; Permanent marker; Glue; Mod Podge; Sponge Brush; Scrap paper; Tray (to hold paint and glue) Optional: Straw, tape, and yarn (if you want it to slide around) Directions to Make .

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Mike made this cute paper shuttle with the kids over New Years’. They rolled a sheet of paper for the body, traced a saucer to make the cone (you only need a quarter circle to make a cone, but they used the full circle and doubled over), . Glue three of the paper cups to the bottom of the carton. Cut the fourth cup in half vertically and set aside. Cut a fin shape out of paper and fold over one edge to create a flap, and glue this just below the doors. Glue the two pieces of the fourth paper cup to the fin, one on either side.

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Jul 14,  · Hey guys! A quick little Instructible for those of you who want your own personal flying shuttle! Hopefully, we can keep this amazing space explorer flying a . How to Make Crafts Relating to Outer Space, Space Travel Astronomy, and the Planets Phases of the Moon Activity Sheet with Mini Moon Phases Book and Moon Facts Children color the activity sheet, arrange the moon phases pages in order and attach them to the sheet with a brass fastener.