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Speech Reflection

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❶It is like an encouragement to ourselves.

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I think part of that was because I have become more relaxed as I have gotten to know the class a little better, and because I have had the practice of the other two speeches. I think the biggest reason that I was enjoying myself, was because I was excited to share my speech with the audience. I wanted them to find the story interesting as well.

I think that the moment I best connected with the audience was at the very beginning of my speech. You have to go out. I thought that statement was a good way to draw people in.

It is definitely a statement to think about. The biggest lesson I learned from this speech is how much more important it is to really know your speech well, when you have a longer time limit.

Because of the amount of time you have, there is more that you will be saying. While I knew my speech very well, it was hard to remember everything, and I found myself looking at my note cards more often that I was anticipating having to.

Overall I thought the speech went well. I think I got a good reception from the audience. They asked interesting questions, and I think they enjoyed hearing about the rescue. I noticed when listening to my recording, that I jumbled my words a bit, but for the most part I was happy with how it sounded.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Give me a piece of paper or a prompt to write, and I can express myself for ages! But for the life of me, I cannot speak in front of others without loads and loads of nerves. I am excited for the third and final day of speeches. I feel the same way, I can right a decent speech, I just can never quite present them in front of the class.

But it definitely helps to get them done with now, I am just relieved to have finished. You must be logged in to post a comment. RCL Blog Just another weblog. Comments Mary Taylor says: September 19, at 5: Speak Your Mind Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Informative Speech Reflection Paper In: English and Literature Submitted By abubakr77 Words Pages 3. Abubakr Mohamed 1. What I most liked about my speech was the first three and a half minutes because I started out my speech with confidence and strong voice that carries throughout the room. I also followed my outline and stick to it which.

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"Reflection Essay On Speech Class" Essays and Research Papers Reflection Essay On Speech Class “ Reflection Essay on Global Citizenship Class ” This Global citizenship has expanded my knowledge while opening up my eyes to some of the atrocities that are going on in the world today.

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Oct 07,  · For this speech my goal was to share with the class an interesting and informative story. Ever since reading Two Tankers Down by Donald Frump, I have been fascinated by the rescue story of the Pendleton. Because this speech had a longer time limit, I . Final Reflection Paper – Public Speaking There is no question that after giving about five speeches I have become a much better overall public speaker. In the beginning of the semester, I would tend to get nervous during some of my speeches and consequently the delivery of my speech %(26).

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Reflection Paper Guidelines Reflection Papers are due at the BEGINNING of class the day AFTER our class finishes the persuasive speeches. (These are due prior to the ceremonial speeches). Speech Reflection Paper Assignment – 30 pts. Long quotations Place direct quotations that are 40 words, or longer, in a free-standing block of typewritten lines, and omit quotation marks. Start the quotation on a new line, indented 1/2 inch from the left margin, i.e., in the same place you would begin a .