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About the Data Analytics Master's Degree
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Addiction Studies is an on-campus, clinically based program that offers a service component and meets partial requirements toward state addiction certification. We recognize that many educators have full work schedules, significant family commitments or live in remote locations that make travel to traditional course locations both difficult and impractical. Elementary Education and Secondary Education. Imagine creating a second spot for the Super Bowl or an interactive Internet campaign for a corporate client.

The online Advertising minor prepares students for a variety of careers in the fast-paced and exciting field of advertising.

We place a heavy focus on media innovation as well as traditional communication foundations to prepare you for the ever-changing media landscape. Many of our graduates work in traditional agencies, but many go beyond the media industry to work in such places as NASA, Interscope Records and Audi. Focus your studies with an emphasis in aeronautical or astronautical engineering, or use the pre-medical focus to prepare for medical, dental and related careers.

The MSAE program gives students greater knowledge of aerospace engineering while conducting research to advance the field. The PhD program is designed to give students competence at the highest level in aerospace engineering. Interested in turning your passion into profit? This program allows you to combine the breadth of business with the depth of an area that interests you.

The Agribusiness Management Program focuses on agribusiness and business development in nonmetropolitan regions. Over the next three decades, the global population is expected to grow by approximately two billion people, creating a greater demand for food production and emphasizing the critical need for worldwide agriculture education. Our program is preparing future leaders to fill that need.

The objective of this program is to provide doctoral students the opportunity to study and conduct research with faculty in areas of excellence in the Division of Resource Management. The MS in Agriculture, Forestry and Consumer Sciences is an interdisciplinary degree that offers advanced study in all areas of agriculture, forestry and consumer sciences.

Interested in sustainable agriculture? Agroecology combines the concepts of crop production and environmental protection. You can focus on crop science, soil health, plant health management or entrepreneurship and agricultural business.

Students entering this program may select research and classes to emphasize areas of interest appropriate to the Division of Animal and Nutritional Sciences. Areas include agricultural biochemistry, animal nutrition, animal physiology, and human nutrition and food sciences. Getting into veterinary or any professional school is extremely competitive. The Animal and Nutritional Sciences program provides challenging and innovative experiences to give you the best preparation possible.

Gain valuable knowledge in animal behavior, health, nutrition and management that will prepare you to make an immediate impact. The Master of Science in animal and nutritional sciences in the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design allows maximum flexibility in courses and research problems. Watch the past come to life as you explore ruins and analyze artifacts. Microorganisms are everywhere — from plants and animals to air, soil and water.

This major prepares you for careers related to the environment, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and food production and safety. The Master of Science program in plant and soil sciences provides students with a background in a specialized discipline, which enables them to enter professional careers or doctoral programs.

We combine the benefits of a small studio program with the resources and facilities of a major research university. Our graduates are certified to teach grades pre-K through 12 and have a high job placement rate. An interdisciplinary field drawing on philosophy, history, literature, religion and mythology, Art History examines works of art and their contexts. Our program combines the benefits of a small, close-knit program with the facilities and resources of a major research university.

The graduate program in art history offers a two-year MA degree emphasizing independent exploration and interdisciplinary research. This program will prepare you to coach athletes of varying ages and ability levels, including youth, masters, scholastic, intercollegiate and athletes with disabilities and special needs. We combine challenging course work with clinical experiences. Our Doctor of Audiology AuD program provides a firm understanding of the normal processes of hearing and communication and fosters development of strong clinical skills and decision-making so that our graduates are prepared to diagnose and treat the full range of hearing disorders in all age groups.

The path to medical, dental, pharmacy or graduate school starts here. A major goal of graduate program in biochemistry and molecular biology is to foster ability for independent thought. Biology majors study living organisms and the processes of life. Choose from four areas of emphasis to focus your studies: The Department of Biology offers graduate courses and research that lead to MS and PhD degrees in the areas of ecology, bioinformatics, genetics, genomics and evolutionary biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, neurobiology, behavior and physiology, plant sciences, cell and developmental biology, biology education and forensic biology.

Want to be part of the latest advances in medical technologies and treatment and diagnosis strategies? In biomedical engineering, you can help revolutionize biomedical sciences and our healthcare system. Biometrics technology uses key tools in the areas of sensors, pattern recognition, algorithms, machine learning and cybersecurity. The MS program trains students to understand and apply statistical methodology for data modeling and analysis as it arises in research in the health sciences.

Our online flexibility encourages students to simultaneously learn valuable business analysis skills, apply concepts in a real-world setting and experience improved results in an accelerated learning cycle. This program provides comprehensive in-depth training in modern areas of cancer biology, with a strong emphasis on cellular and molecular aspects of cancer origin, progression and treatment and a focus on cancer types and issues relevant to international, national and West Virginia populations.

Our program provides a multidisciplinary approach to modern life sciences, drawing on faculty expertise from several departments and centers in the Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy. We offer an immersive art experience that combines a small studio environment with the resources of a major research university.

Art and Design graduate students work closely in a personal studio environment while benefiting from a highly accessible faculty. A vibrant visiting artist and lecture series provides additional influence and dialogue. Research support and graduate colloquia facilitate cultural and scholarly exploration at national and international venues.

Chemical Engineering is a challenging, rewarding and satisfying major and career. You can pursue employment in many high-tech areas — including materials, energy and pharmaceuticals — or go on to graduate school and professional programs, such as law, dentistry and medicine. The master's in Chemical Engineering program is built on advanced chemical engineering fundamentals.

Students will conduct applicable research in areas such as biomedical, bioengineering, catalysis, coal conversion, energy, fuels, materials, polymer processing, systems control and dynamic simulation.

At WVU, we provide a wide range of research and educational opportunities for graduate study. Our smaller student population allows us to offer highly personalized education and allows advisers to spend more time with students. A significant portion of our research is funded by industry.

When you understand chemistry, you begin to understand the extraordinary nature of the world down to its most basic particles. Chemistry is the science of the materials we use, the medicine we take, the environment we live in and the food we eat. The thesis must be submitted to the WVU Libraries. The Chemistry Department includes research in the areas of analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. Research is a key focus of the 22 faculty members who comprise the department.

Our hands-on program will prepare you for jobs in nursery schools, child care centers, infant-care and after-school programs, and many other settings. Our online program is ideal for those who need to earn a degree in Pre-K to maintain employment — or anyone who wants to enter the field of early education with a four-year degree. Civil engineers specialize in engineering issues related to civil infrastructure development and environmental challenges.

Our graduates pursue careers in industry, government, consulting, management, teaching, research, marketing and sales. Opportunities abound within the master's tracks for a research experience that provides a chance for a student to tackle an engineering problem individually.

Opportunities abound within the doctoral track for a research experience that provides a chance for a student to tackle an engineering problem individually. The MS degree expands upon Certificate coursework in biostatistics and epidemiology to provide mentored, research training with required and elective courses, the latter to complement research needs and interests.

The goal of the PhD program is to develop biomedical researchers who can integrate findings, information and observations across basic, population and clinical sciences, to accelerate and transform how we improve the health of individuals and populations. All students complete coursework related to rehabilitation, mental health and disability issues as well as coursework in counseling and resource management.

The MS in Sport Coaching focuses on the long-term athlete development model as a basic framework. Students acquire a solid foundation in the science of coaching with multiple and varied practical experiences, through applied labs, volunteering and a formal internship.

The PhD program targets the development of a focused line of research that addresses contemporary challenges and issues in the field. The Master of Music in Collaborative Piano provides students wishing to specialize in piano accompaniment an opportunity to study and achieve an advanced degree in this highly demanding and lucrative professional field.

The primary objective of the Doctor of Musical Arts degree is the recognition of the highest achievement in music performance and teaching, preparing artist-pedagogues for careers in higher education and in the professional world. By providing a rigorous course of study along with mentored research and teaching experiences, the PhD program is designed to enable students to become high-quality researchers and academics, serving effectively as leaders in the discipline of communication sciences and disorders.

We prepare skillful communicators at both the theoretical and applied levels. The MA program in Communication Studies is intended to qualify the student to assume a variety of professional roles in educational, industrial and government institutions; teach the subject matter at the college level; or undertake advanced training toward a doctorate in communication studies. The PhD program in Communication Studies is intended to qualify the student to teach and conduct research in instructional communication, interpersonal communication or organizational communication at the university level.

The Computational Statistics major is designed for students who are interested in the statistical and data sciences and who also want to work collaboratively with researchers in the computational sciences e. Our program provides a particularly strong emphasis on real-time and embedded systems. It provides expertise to individuals who are either currently in the computer and information technology industry or have academic credentials to enter this field while being engaged in law enforcement.

Computer Science majors learn to program, but they also learn how to use computers to solve problems and develop the skills to pursue great careers in fields like data analytics, software development, cybersecurity or artificial intelligence. The Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering offers graduate programs aimed at preparing students for both professional and research careers.

The department offers MS degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Software Engineering that prepare students for careers in design and technical leadership. Study in the area of costume design takes the student through an introduction to the elements of design, drawing and costume history.

The course of study then moves toward an intensive application of designing the character in the world of the play through course work, practical design and construction. The Master of Arts program in Counseling offers two areas of concentration. The program prepares counselors to work in either clinical mental health counseling or school counseling. Counseling psychology as a psychological specialty facilitates personal and interpersonal functioning across the lifespan with a focus on emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related, developmental and organizational concerns.

The Master of Fine Arts is the terminal degree in creative writing. Go beyond the legal definitions of criminality. Criminology seeks to understand the nature and causes of criminality, as well as the successes and limitations of criminal justice approaches and processes. The Curriculum and Instruction Doctoral program guides students' inquiry into the social, theoretical and empirical foundations of education and supports their pursuit of novel research related to teaching and learning.

Students and advisers work together to create individually planned programs of study to meet the particular needs, interests and professional goals of each student. Develop and hone your techniques in a program that offers both experiential and theoretical dance education.

Our four-year program opens the door to many career options, from providing clinical care to research to public administration. Many of the faculty and graduates are recognized leaders in dental education and organized dentistry. The MS in Design and Merchandising focuses on research addressing design interaction and inclusive design; environmental sustainability; applications of new materials and technologies; new forms and new product design; and new developments in the history of design criticism and curation.

This flexible, interdisciplinary program prepares you to work in creative industries and provide innovative solutions to challenges facing our world today. WVU offers a flexible MA program. It is intended to be a degree obtained on the way to the PhD. Usually students are admitted directly into the PhD program even if they do not have a prior master's degree. The College offers the Doctor of Philosophy PhD degree with specializations in health economics, international economics, monetary economics, public economics, regional and urban economics and resource economics.

The Economics BA program emphasizes a broad liberal arts education. The field of economics is very broad and can be applied many ways. Our graduates can do just about anything — government, law school, teaching or finance fields like insurance and banking. The Doctor of Philosophy degree program provides a rigorous course of study along with mentored research and teaching experiences to enable students to achieve core educational objectives as scholars in four specialization areas.

The Educational Leadership — Public Education Administration Program prepares individuals for leadership positions in elementary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. The doctor of education degree EdD is offered in educational leadership studies with emphasis areas in public schools, in higher education, or in related organizations — e. The Educational Psychology program offers opportunities for graduate study and research leading to the master of arts MA degree.

Professional preparation focuses on learning, development, instruction and research. Electrical engineers are the tool builders of the information age. They apply principles from math and physics to build systems and components for a wide range of products, from cell phones to automobiles to airplanes. The program requires a minimum of 30 months of full-time residency in the School of Dentistry and is designed to qualify dentists for careers in endodontic clinical practice, teaching and research.

This program melds natural resource management, business and development of energy resources. Our graduates emerge as highly trained and sought-after professionals, equipped with the skills needed to make an immediate impact in the energy industry. Majoring in English develops skills in communication, research, critical thinking and focused creativity.

The doctoral program in English develops fluency in the critical discourses of the profession and prepares graduates to teach English professionally on the post-secondary level, or to enter a wide range of alternate academic careers.

Along with preparing you to start your own business, this major will teach you to use your creativity to solve business problems or help existing organizations launch new products and enter new markets. Are you interested in environmental issues — and changing the world around you? This major combines geoscience and environmental awareness to examine the impact of human behavior on the our world. The Environmental Protection program prepares students for careers in areas that safeguard the quality of the environment.

The curriculum consists of two elements: This major combines interdisciplinary training in environmental protection sciences with a specialization in either pest management or soil and water conservation. The Master of Public Health MPH degree is designed for those who wish to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for epidemiologic practice and research. This degree will be appropriate for persons interested in a career studying the relationship of risk factors to a variety of disease, injury and other health-related states.

The PhD in Epidemiology prepares students for careers in research, teaching and consulting. Students develop research and teaching skills in epidemiology through coursework and practice opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects event planner employment growth of Looking for a pre-medical or pre-dental program? This major combines basic science knowledge with clinical applications, including courses like human anatomy with a dissection cadaver lab.

This two-year program has two tracks. Clinical track students take course work, obtain experience in various medical settings and work with populations with varied health problems. The thesis track is designed for students who want an intensive research training experience to prepare for further training in a PhD, MD or similar postgraduate program.

Fashion is one of the most dynamic, globally integrated and culturally significant industries in the world. Peer behind the gloss and glamour to discover how design concepts come to life — and then are marketed to consumers.

We stress hands-on learning. Graduates are prepared to sit for examination for the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, and graduates boast a high pass rate on all three testing levels. The program is designed to be completed in four or five years, depending on the student's background, interests and dissertation progress.

The program of study requires the satisfactory completion of coursework plus dissertation research. The widespread growth in white-collar crime, litigation disputes, the illegal international movement of money and terrorism financing have greatly raised the demand for forensic accountants, fraud examiners and for professionals who possess those skills. Hallmarks of our program include exposure to practicing professionals and experiential learning. Students have extensive exposure to world-class practicing experts, in addition to our superior full-time faculty.

We stand above all universities nationally with the largest forensic science and crime scene training complex in the nation — four crime scene houses, a vehicle processing garage, a ballistics test center and special outdoor venues.

Recent developments have demonstrated that a solid grounding in the scientific method and forensic evidence is critical for any attorney, especially for those practicing criminal law. WVU has long been a leader in the field of forensic sciences, and WVU is a natural home for this program.

The doctorate is a research degree that culminates in a dissertation in an area that is jointly determined between a student and their faculty advisor. Each student takes three core courses and two colloquia as the academic foundation for developing their area of research. A student seeking admission to work toward the PhD in Forest Resources Science may choose as the major field of study forest science, wood science or wildlife and fisheries management.

Within these major fields of study, specialization is limited only by the range of competencies in the graduate faculty. Learn about the balancing act of managing land for timber production and wood products while considering wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities and water quality. The Forest Resources Management program is dedicated to developing the next generation of forest managers in the Appalachian hardwood region. This program offers two advanced degree programs including a Master of Science in Forest Resources Management and a PhD in forest resources.

Having a hard time choosing just one area of business? General Business allows you to choose from many different career paths and customize your curriculum to meet your goals. The Master of Science in Genetics and Developmental Biology is an interdisciplinary program involving the faculty and facilities of a number of departments in the various colleges and schools of WVU.

Students may major in Genetics or in Developmental Biology. The MS and PhD degrees are offered in genetics and developmental biology, an interdisciplinary program involving the faculty and facilities of a number of departments in the various colleges and schools of the University. A student may concentrate in genetics or developmental biology. The Graduate Certificate in GIS and Spatial Analysis is intended to augment the educational tracks of a wide number of students from across WVU with the ability to analyze spatial data at an advanced level.

Geography opens worlds of discovery. The MA program offers both a thesis and a project track. The thesis is an in-depth research investigation, whereas the project is a structured, one-semester activity.

The PhD is an advanced research degree, with coursework, comprehensive exams and a major research investigation. Students are expected to be well-grounded in the one or more of the Geography program's three areas of specialization. Geology is an interdisciplinary science that trains you to study the natural resources that shape our lives. The Certificate affords students an opportunity to explore the basic biological, psychological and sociological processes of aging, the effects on needs and experiences of older people, and the impact of social policies related to human aging.

If you want a dynamic and challenging career that puts you in the center of the action, requires you to see the big picture and lead, this is the major for you. Our immersive art experience combines a small studio environment with the resources of a major research university.

Art and Design graduate students work closely in a personal studio environment, while benefiting from a highly accessible faculty.

Do you enjoy technology, business and science? The MPH degree in Health Policy is designed for students with a keen interest in using population-based approaches to understand and improve the health status of large groups within society.

The online health promotion minor prepares students for a variety of careers in the growing field of health promotion and disease prevention.

Typical job areas include healthcare marketing and communication for hospitals, health promotion for geriatric care facilities, health marketing for non-profits such as the American Lung Association, or health communication positions within the Department of Health and Human Services e.

The PhD program in Health Services and Outcomes Research emphasizes population-based, health services delivery, outcomes and policy research. This 30 credit hour online program can be completed within two to eight years either as a part-time or full-time student and from any geographic location. Working with an advisor, students complete a program of study that includes a capstone experience. The EdD in Higher Education Administration is designed to prepare graduates for positions in higher education administration, faculty and research and policy.

This program provides knowledge and skills in curriculum development, teaching strategies, education psychology and a general background in higher education. History helps us discover new meaning in the past, present and future. Our students learn the best practices of historical research while developing skills for a successful career: The graduate History program includes about students and 23 faculty. Most students concentrate in U.

The graduate History program at WVU includes about students and 23 faculty. Our students study the physiology, culture, harvest, quality control, sales and utilization of horticultural crops. Horticulture is the science of the production, processing and marketing of fruit, vegetable, greenhouse and landscape crops. Students in the Horticulture program study the physiology, culture, harvest, quality control, sales and utilization of horticultural crops.

Are you a people person? Do you like hosting people? The objective of this program is to provide doctoral students the opportunity to study and conduct research with faculty in areas of excellence in the Division of Resource Management, in particular, and in other divisions in the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, in general.

Our curriculum uses a hands-on research approach to learning, which also makes it excellent preparation for medical, dental and veterinary school, or other graduate work. The PhD in Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis will prepare students from diverse backgrounds to serve as professionals that are knowledgeable about the immune system of humans and other mammals, how the immune system functions and the consequences of its malfunction on the health of the host.

Industrial engineers are often thought of as "efficiency experts" for reducing costs and increasing throughput in a manufacturing setting.

The Industrial Hygiene program is designed for students with undergraduate training in the areas of engineering, chemistry, biology, medical sciences, animal sciences or the physical sciences who have an interest in occupational and environmental health and safety.

Ours is one of the earliest human resources programs established in the U. This is a proof of confirmation of admission. Fees will be accepted only in the form of D. To provide the country a steady stream of competent young men and women with necessary knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to occupy positions of management and administration in business, industry, public system and the government.

To impart the students latest and relevant knowledge from the field of management theory and practice. To provide opportunities to the students for developing necessary managerial skills. For specific queries you may personally visit our Admission Cell in the campus. Above fee structure for the given academic year shall continue till completion of entire course.

Shikshan Shulka Samiti Proposal: The basic objectives of an M. Mater of Business Administration. Elective Subjects — Marketing Management.

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This is a 3 year integrated program spread over 6 semesters, leading to Master of Pharmacy (M. Pharm. – Pharmaceutics) and Masters in Business Administration MBA (Pharma Tech & Healthcare Management).

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The University of Arizona (UA) is the flagship institution in the State of Arizona and offers graduate programs in more than areas of study. Graduate programs of study are described here in our Graduate Catalog and Program Descriptions. NOTE: Above fee structure for the given academic year shall continue till completion of entire course. Fees will be accepted only in the form of D.D. / Payable At Par Cheque in favour of Indira Institute of Management Pune MBA.

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Earn an MBA in project management from GCU to bolster your skills in agile project management and prepare for PMI certifications. This online and evening program incorporates research-based strategies with business fundamentals to nurture your skills in traditional and agile project management. Find academic programs to help you meet your goals.