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Harvard PhD Theses in Physics: 2000 to Present


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The LHC is a particle accelerator located Casimir and Casimir-Polder effects are forces between electrically neutral bodies and particles in vacuum, arising entirely from quantum fluctuations.

The modification to the vacuum electromagnetic-field modes imposed by This represents about 1. From investigating movement in an insect to deciphering cognition in a human brain to treating Parkinson's disease, hearing loss, or even blindness, electronic implants are an essential tool for understanding the brain and A new, and thus far only, method to overcome a selectivity barrier in parametrically pumped quantum pulse gates is proposed and experimentally demonstrated for the first time, using frequency conversion of optical temporal Nearly all individual members of the animal kingdom have gastrointestinal tracts which feature unique cellular compositions, geometries, and temporal dynamics.

These guts are distinct enough from one another, even across Density Controlled Photon Pair Generation: This dissertation describes the development and verification of a fiber based prototype system for generating entangled photon pairs with a reduced spontaneous Raman scattering background compared to solid-core optical Production, Collisional Studies, and Applications.

University of Science and Technology China Deformations of Free Jets. Euclidean Quantum Field Theory: Curved Spacetimes and Gauge Fields. Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology Astrophysical Probes of Dark Energy. Black Hole Superconformal Quantum Mechanics. A high-flux cold-atom source for area-enclosing atom interferometry. Fundamental Physics at the Threshold of Discovery. University of British Columbia Exploring single-molecule interactions through 3D optical trapping and tracking: Bryn Mawr College Self-organization mechanisms in the assembly and maintenance of bipolar spindles.

Magnetic Trapping of Imidogen Molecules. Controlling atom-photon interactions in nano-structured media. University of California Los Angeles Quantum Phenomena in Condensed Phase Systems. Broken Symmetries and Signatures. University of Washington Creasing, Point-bifurcations, and the Spontaneous Breakdown of Scale-invariance.

Vortices, rings and pollen grains: Elasticity and statistical physics in soft matter. Gelation and Phase Separation of Attractive Colloids. Middle Tennessee State University Attractive, repulsive, and rotational QED forces: University of Texas at Austin Nanoscale nonlinear optics using silica nanowires. Vortices Vacate Vales and other Singular Tales. Case Western Reserve University From the Action to the S-Matrix.

Williams College , A. A buffer-gas cooled Bose-Einstein condensate. Brigham Young University New York University Testing Fundamental Lorentz Symmetries of Light. T owards Scalable Quantum Communication and Computation: Novel Approaches and Realizations. Black holes from fluid mechanics. National Taiwan Normal University Elasticity of Biopolymer Networks. Thermotactic behavior in C. A Black Hole Quartet: New Solutions and Applications to String Theory. Drop impact and fluid dynamics of Vorticella Stone.

Measuring Black Hole Spin. National Taiwan University Multiode dynamics in Quantum Cascade Lasers: Waves, Particles, and Interactions in Reduced Dimensions. Control and Fast Measurement of Spin Qubits. University of Western Ontario Extreme Black Hole Holography. Western Michigan University Stochastic Processes in Solid State Nanoporers. Amherst College , Harvard University Magnetic trapping of atomic nitrogen and cotrapping of NH.

Physics of Conformal Field Theories. Phys University of Oxford Machines and Methods for Trapping Antihydrogen. National Tsinghua University Pont Catholic University , Pont Catholic University University of Auckland , Australian National University Optical Lattices with Quantum Gas Microscope. The Physics of Tip-Growing Cells. D-Branes, Supersymmetry Breaking, and Neutrinos.

Australian National University Sharif University of Technology Case Western Reserve Non-Equilibrium Chalcogen Concentrations in Silicon: Cornell University , Harvard University Classical and Quantum Symmetries of de Sitter Space.

Microscopic studies of quantum phase transitions in optical lattices. Hebrew University , Tel Aviv University Momentum resolved tunneling study of interaction effects in ID electron systems. Calcutta University , Harvard University Explorations in Dirac Fermions and Spin Liquids. Molecular evolution and thermal adaptation. Yale University , Harvard University University of Arizona , Harvard University Colloidal Particles and Liquid Interfaces: A Spectrum of Interactions.

Harvey Mudd College , Harvard University University of Colorado , Harvard University Harvard University , Harvard University The information on this page is applicable for both Ph. Students must register for thesis and be assigned a thesis committee no later than the first term of their fourth year of graduate school.

It is strongly recommended that students register for thesis in a term earlier than this final deadline. The first step is for the student and research supervisor to agree on a thesis topic. An initial Graduate Thesis Proposal Cover Sheet Master's Degree candidates should see process in next paragraph must be submitted to Academic Programs by the second week of the term. The form requires an initial thesis title, the name and signature of the research supervisor, and the name of one reader for the thesis committee agreed upon by the student and advisor.

The student should register for 8. A third reader from the physics faculty, who is not in the same research area, but whose interests, background, or special knowledge make him or her an appropriate member of the committee, will be assigned by the Graduate Student Coordinator.

If there is a co-supervisor see above , the thesis committee will consist of four people: After notification of the final reader, the student will need to convene an initial thesis committee meeting no later than four weeks before the last day of classes.

Physics Theses and Dissertations

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Harvard PhD Theses in Physics: to Present A.M. degree is listed after undergraduate degree. Before , if no Harvard A.M. was awarded, only undergraduate degree is listed.

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Propagation in Smooth Random Potentials A thesis presented by Scot Elmer James Shaw to The Department of Physics in partial ful llment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the subject of Physics Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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This collection contains some of the theses and dissertations produced by students in the University of Oregon Physics Graduate Program. Paper copies of these and other dissertations and theses are available through the UO Libraries. Database of example physics dissertations - these dissertations were produced by students to aid you with your studies.

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Home > Sciences > Physics > ETDs. Physics Theses & Dissertations. Follow. Theses/Dissertations from PDF. Dissertation: R&D of a High-Performance DIRC Detector For a Future Electron-Ion Collider, Stacey Lee Allison. PDF. ScholarWorks at Georgia State University includes Doctoral Dissertations contributed by students of the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Georgia State University. The institutional repository is administered by the Georgia State University Library in cooperation with individual departments and academic units of the University.