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War and Peace Essay Examples

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❶Literature of War and Peace Sir Winston Churchill British statesman, orator, and author who was elected prime minister twice in s and s.

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Scales had written that while the United States military excels at fighting a war, it does not necessarily know how to win the peace. In point of fact, both the Bush administration as well as the military had been unprepared…. I am thankful to Westminster College for giving me an honorary degree this afternoon. It is in this institution where I received a very large part of my education in politics, dialectic, rhetoric, and other things.

I am thankful also to the President of the United States, despite of his heavy burdens, duties, and responsibilities,…. General accounts that place the American combat experience in the broader context of the campaign can be found in literature.

Accounts of specific battles contain an excellent general description of the Marine combat experience on the Western Front. Perhaps influenced by recent trends in…. If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Previous Go to page. Peace movement is a social movement that… Human. Palestine and Peace The peace situation in the Middle East has been very contentious.

Up to a certain degree, even civilians have been affected; through the wars and the conflicts going on in different areas in Israel and the… Palestine. World Peace Every leader in the world aims to find a lasting solution to the problems that beset our planet but so far, peace on earth has continued to be an elusive dream. Philosophers, theologians, politicians, and other… World peace. Peace Movements Which Change the Future of the World In the past, there had been tremendous amounts of struggles by many people in the world.

Peace and Disarmament War is one of the greatest risks to countries, its inhabitants and the world in its entirety. World Peace Have you ever wondered if world peace is something that we truly desire? The forces of peace can rule over ignorance and superstition, over illiteracy and immorality, over disease and physical suffering, over poverty and governmental oppression. They cause no grief to humanity and do not damage life or property. War causes streams of blood and untold havoc. Only the victories of peace leave no maimed limbs or mutilated bodies, no ruined cities or scorched fields.

Even a superficial glance at the course of the two world wars will tell us that their victories were gained at an incalculable cost. The triumph of the First World War proved to be of a short duration. The victory itself sowed, in fact, the seeds of the Second World War. Who knows that the victory of World War- II may also prove to be of an equally short duration and a third global war may even now be in the offing.

The victories of Peace, however, are everlasting. They do not rankle in the mind of any nation and their fruits are enjoyed by all people. The victorious in war exploits the conquered people. Tolstoy indeed values love and courtship, which in War and Peace appear just as important in the overall scheme of things as battles and diplomacy.

The choice of spouses is a very serious matter for Tolstoy, a philosophical statement about who one is and what one wants out of life. Tolstoy emphasizes that a good partner is a prerequisite not just for contentment at home, but for fulfillment as a person overall.

If Nicholas married Sonya at the end, and Natasha wedded Boris, the novel would suggest that the growth of these four characters has led them all full circle, back to their childhood crushes and early fantasies. At the opening of the novel, Nicholas is a boy full of illusions who loses forty-three thousand rubles in a card game, but by the end he is supporting his mother on a meager salary. He has changed greatly, and it is inevitable that his criteria for a good wife have changed as well.

Boris, even in adulthood, does not appear to have suffered much, but Pierre has. Though War and Peace depicts a Russian victory, the novel is not nearly as patriotic as it could be. Indeed, at times Tolstoy even makes an effort to downplay the patriotic dimension of his story. Why does he choose a historical moment brimming with nationalistic potential, but then refuse to trumpet a patriotic message? Tolstoy was certainly aware that the events of would, for a Russian reader, hold great patriotic significance.

Russia had been under the sway of French culture for more than a century, to the extent that some Russian noblemen—like Prince Golitsyn mentioned in the novel—only spoke French, and could not even speak the Russian language. Economically, diplomatically, and culturally, France had been deemed superior to Russia for so long that a war between the two nations raised profound questions about who Russians really were, and whether they had a culture of their own.

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In The Iraq War: A Military History, published in , Williamson Murray and Robert H. Scales had written that while the United States military excels at fighting a war, it does not necessarily know how to win the peace.

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In the s, when Tolstoy wrote War and Peace, this topic was a subject of hot debate between two groups in Russian intellectual society. The Westernizers believed that Russia should continue looking to Europe for guidance, whereas the Slavophiles argued that Russia should drop the West as a role model and follow its own unique path instead.

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Suggested essay topics and project ideas for War and Peace. Part of a detailed Lesson Plan by War and Peace study guide contains a biography of Leo Tolstoy, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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Eternal Peace is a dream and not even a beautiful dream, and war is a part of God’s World Order – Essay Words Essay on Atoms in Peace and War Words Essay on the Partition of India. Peace. It is something that a man says he keeps by fighting a war. The correct meaning of peace is only emphasized by Victor Hugo’s quote ‘Peace is the virtue of civilization and war is its crime. ’ Peace is a feeling of being a human that can only be achieved by understanding and not [ ].