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138 Words Short Essay on a House on Fire

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❶Some inmates of the house were on the second floor. It is also a very good platform for teachers who want to share their valuable knowledge.

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At this time a strong wind was blowing — The neighbors tried to control the fire. Soon the fire brigade arrived — The whole house was burnt to ashes — Much loss of property — An act of heroism displayed by a man. It was on the 7th of November that a fire broke out in a big house. The house was situated in one of the most crowded lanes of the city.

It is said that about six families were occupying this house. The fire started on the second floor, and soon spread to all parts, of the building. Many causes were given for the outbreak of the fire. One gentleman said that the fire had been left burning in the fire-place, near which was lying a piece of cloth. The piece of cloth caught fire, and burnt for a while.

Afterwards a pile of wood, which was also lying near caught fire. The fire which had at first been a tiny flame developed into a big blaze. It touched the rafters of the roof, and gradually spread over the windows and other parts of the house. The worst thing was a strong wind blowing at that time. This fanned the flames till the houses in the neighborhood also came very near catching the fire. At that time cries of lamentation went up from the house. Babies screamed, women wailed, and men shouted for help.

Some neighbors were very good, and tried to bring the fire under control at once. The fire brigade soon arrived, and was able to get the flames down in about an hour and a half.

Much damage was done to the building. Most of it was nothing but a heap of ashes, but some parts of it escaped utter destruction. The inhabitants of the house also lost much. Their clothes and furniture were burnt to ashes, and much valuable property had been lost. The result is, however, disastrous. Fire spreads quickly and can cause huge loss to life and property. A terrible fire accident took place in my neighborhood last week.

I was having a sound sleep on the roof of the house. But soon I heard a loud noise and the sound of heavy footsteps in the street. I stood up from my bed and looked around. I scampered downstairs in no time and rushed to the venue of the fire. The shining, sharp-tongued flames were bursting out of every nook and corner of the palatial house. The owners were on the street. They were beating their breasts helplessly.

Their half- burnt household articles were lying scattered here and there.

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Free sample essay on A House on Fire. One day, I was studying at home. Suddenly there was a loud noise. I came out of my house to know what had happened in the neighborhood. What I saw, I could not stop my scream. A house in my neighborhood had caught fire; people from the neighboring areas were.

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Essay No. A house on fire. On the evening of last Saturday, we were having a tea party in our house. All of a sudden, the happy atmosphere of the party was disturbed by a loud noise.

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The fire did a great damage to the house, clothes furniture and other valuable articles were reduced to ashes. The fire brigade brought the fire under control after full one hour long efforts. When the flames were controlled, the house was badly damaged. Yesterday evening I was doing my home work in my room. Suddenly, I heard a noise in the street. I at once rushed outside. The people were crying 'Fire'! 'Fire'! A house in the next street was on fire. People were throwing water on the fire. I also joined them. Some people were throwing dust and sand.

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The fire spread quickly and soon the sofa, carpets and furniture were ablaze. We will write a custom essay sample on A House on Fire specifically for you for only $ $/page. House on fire presents a very sorrowful sight. Last Sunday I was sleeping at night on the roof of my house. At about midnight I was suddenly awakened by cries of 'fire fire'.