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Should i do my homework or sleep

Sleep is for the weak

❶Except I'm in eighth grade and I have no idea how I'll handle high school since I heard it's worse. In order to sleep more, I just began to take less notes and not worry as much about tests.

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Anonymous I'm sleep deprived as well my friend. I'm 11 years old. Let me repeat that. I am almost always procrastinating. I have a music quiz which will give me my grade, and guess what? I can fix that by doing it now. I can study until 8: Will I get an A, No. Will I get higher than a B-, yes I will! Here is what your plan should be: Dec 10, bruh NEW by: The thing is I just moved to Canada and si have had to move to a lot of different schools, and when I thought I wud finally settle down in this one, I realized that with the blessing of IB,there also will be the curse of learning fluent IB French.

I told my teaxher about this problem, and I told her that I barely know anything in French at all, and this was her response: And we r supposed to take French all 4 years so there's no choice for me. I legit learned everything from the internet, which has enabled me to actually understand what's going on in French class and participate yet the the teacher thinks I'm just like everyone else leaning french since grid 4.

I have to Goole translate lots of things still, but i think I'm improving and I think students like me especially who have done so well considering the fact that they are immigrants to a totally new country and not even struggling with other subjects and are not put into ESL English as a second langauage deserve recognition. But this doesn't at all mean that other students are not working hard enough, in fact teachers would be taught and be trained to be teachers and not pressure cookers and they have GOTTA realize that we have like 7 other classes that we take along with their own HW, tests, quizzes, assignments, and exams plus mid terms!!.

But I mean think its partially our fault too because I have realzed that since the day I got a new phone for the first time in.

But that's just a thought BC I have dun that. Anonymous IB here too, and tons of Euro charts due tomorrow. Best of luck to you, hope you made it out alive. Lyncie I'm currently writing this at 3: And boy, do I get it. It's especially worrying for me, because I'm not even in IB yet. I'll be doing a special AP-College hybrid program, and I'm also taking college classes as of right now.

This is normal for me. I am the only one out of my friends awake at the moment, because none of them have as many extra curriculars or responsibilities as me. I get an average of six hours of sleep, though it seems like tonight it'll be four. My body's slowly getting used to it, and I seem to be a natural night owl, something that I'm so happy about.

I'm still making the transition from a casual worker to this new hybrid person, and it hurts. I'm terrified for high school. I wish the best for you! Feb 23, No sleep for me NEW by: Anonymous It's currently 5am here I have to get up at 7am and I'm still doing homework. I'm really tired and I have a headache but if I don't do it, I'll be in trouble and my teacher will tell me off. So I'm not really in a good situation. Feb 27, School is killing meh NEW by: Anonymous I am in high school and I wanna sleep but if I sleep early, I'll fail.

There's too much work and loads of requirements. Exam is fast approaching and I still need to study 11 subjects. Mar 17, Agreed NEW by: Student School takes too much time to give you much homework.

On top of that, school starts early in the day. Too much homework can lead to stress, and even high-performing students with high levels of stress due to homework overload may experience a drop in grade performance. Teachers need to have moderation with handing out assignments. Mar 19, I feel sick urrghhh NEW by: Anonymous On school days I always sleep at 2 or 3 a.

Gotta wake up 6. Friday night is the only night I can rest sleep as much as I can. Im editing my powerpoint right now for school work. And I have been doing this in 2 full days!!! Mar 22, It's not because I'm lazy Anonymous A lot of people are naturally lazy, but I'd like to defend the people who are driven to procrastination because they feel overwhelmed and insufficient. I'm in the IB program at Lincoln Park and used to be such a good student.

The first three years I had straight A's which is a huge feat considering. I got home everyday and did my homework well and got decent sleep. Even as the program intensified and internal assessments and extended essays began to loom up in the distance I did well. However senior year has been a nightmare. Here is the vicious cycle: I developed this mindset that there will always be a huge pile of homework no matter how hard I work on it - like trying to drain the ocean with a coffee cup.

Homework also makes me feel dumb and insufficient, so it becomes a source of anxiety and pain. Each late assignment is a sledgehammer to the self-esteem. To avoid the emotional pain, and because it doesn't seem to make a difference anyway, I procrastinate. Movies, music, the etymology of various swear words, sleep deprivation forums, etc And then it actually becomes harder to focus!

Like how is that possible? The more often I procrastinate the harder it is to actually buckle down and concentrate. So then I look for fellow classmates who are even worse off then I am, because it makes me feel better. And we laugh hysterically about all the stuff we haven't turned in yet. Which makes things seem ok - maybe that lifestyle is normal. I'm failing four classes midway through second semester senior year. My parents think I'm depressed. School has become a source of stress and resentment.

The joy of learning has been methodically burned before my wet eyes. I want to tell you two things. First, you CAN do it. You are strong, you are beautiful, you are intelligent, and you are NOT defined by IB or any system that calculates a person's worth on a 4. Second, it's your choice - choose what's important to you. A 7 on the HL exam? Or sleep and relationships? Although I highly recommend graduating. Email me at archimedes gmail. I've always thought IB students should communicate between schools and share advice and encouragment.

My average bedtime every night is 1: I spend my whole life as a kid not really having a chance to be a kid. Kids are supposed to play outside with their friends, spend time with their family, and have fun. Total opposite for me. The only time I actually get to come tell my family just my mom that I love her, it's only on Saturdays. Dinner for me is at my desk because I'm doing homework while I eat.

I haven't been outside in days, only during P. Not really counting because I have sports-asthma. Is this what life for me will be like all through the rest of grade school? Because of the homework amounts, I wake up late, causing me to be late to school, causing detentions. I can't handle this life! I just want to be homeschooled,: Never get any sleep, which is unhealthy for a sixth grader. I don't even get any time in my days to take showers, so I take showers every Saturday and Sunday.

All I get is Sunday morning, but then it's homework for 10 hours, yay. Sundays are actually when I get to go to bed at 9: I get distracted easily, every time I look at a screen I just stare in to blank space for 1 hour. Oh, look, more homework for me, yay. I'm writing this at Anonymous Hey guys, I don't have so much to say, but yesterday I had to go to sleep at midnight because I had a biiiiiiiiiiiiig research due today, which the teacher didn't even correct!

You will say that it's not a bad thing, but I wake up like a zombie and I don't understand anything the whole day, plus, I become nervous, angry, and tired for the whole week, or 'till I get a good sleep. Jul 27, I can't even cry NEW by: Anonymous I wish everyone would get to have enough sleep, and get their shit homework and studies done. People say it helps with our results, oh yes I agree, but in excess? I feel so tired of everything, yet I can't even break down. If I do, it's a waste of time, because I might just cry and huddle in a corner for hours.

All these built up stress, and yet all of us pretending it's okay, it's killing me. Sleeping at am in the morning is normal, and I wake up at 5: And seeing the comments, really you guys seem to be having it worse, I can only pray for you guys Aug 17, This is bullshit NEW by: Anonymous Tell me how I am supposed to juggle my life, a career, homework, family, friends, sports, and still get eight hours of sleep?

It blows my mind how schools think anyone is supposed to learn properly when we can't even get 8 hours of sleep. Wanna know why I like summer so much? Cause I get to sleep in as long as I want.

I am doing the IB in this really competitive school rn and in year 1. I have been sleeping at 3am daily too. Anonymous IB Student I'm currently going through my first year of IB and already on the third week of school, my sleep slowly decreased from normal 8 hours to now like 4 hours. At first I was like, oh, I'm going to be okay and now I'm like crying and suffering due to lack of sleep. I don't understand how people with four clubs sports and electives do it. I can barely keep up with one club and one elective.

I already had to quit my sport after the first meet because there was absolutely no time to do homework. Oct 13, I have so much homework!!! Because of hw and horses I usually get between hours of sleep every night which is NOT enough for a growing 14 year old. I haven't had time to take a shower in 4 days and I always feel like shit.

If this is what it's like freshman year I don't think I want to keep going to school, I think I'd rather just drop out and be a mess. Oct 18, Middle schooler 5: In case you have not noticed, I have not been speaking in complete sentences.

I am very sorry. I was writing this after two papers, and I fell asleep. Although, this information is very accurate. Nov 01, I know how you feel NEW by: Anonymous This whole school year since August, still up to today, I have been sleeping less than 5 hours. Sometimes I'm doing my work, when I suddenly just pass out. Because I am so tired. Nov 07, fun NEW by: Nov 08, So tired im crying NEW by: Anonymous Im literally crying right now,it My teachers have been asking about the bags under my eyes and if i have been getting enough sleep,I only sleep for about hours each night.

I go to sleep around 1 or 2 am and wake up at Note that im only in 8th grade,13 years old. Nov 16, k NEW by: Anonymous I just started high school and I though all my high school friends were lying when they said they only get 4 hours of sleep. I underestimated high school and slacked off for the first two weeks and then i realized I had like 8 bajillion things due tomorrow I can totally relate and i'm tired of being tired. Nov 17, so much homework to late fall asleep doing it NEW by: Jan 12, American schools in a nutshell NEW by: Anonymous wake up ultra early literally at the crack of dawn earlier than your parents, fall asleep in class get in a crap ton of trouble, get like 5 minutes to eat lunch, rush to next classes, barely make it through school, get at least 4 hours of hw, stay up till midnight or later no matter how early you start, get at most 6 hours of sleep, repeat.

This is American schools in a nutshell. Jan 12, omg NEW by: Anonymous not ALL american schools mate. Anonymous I feel you. I'm tired of hardly sleeping. My routine is horrible and I'm sure some people out there have it even worse. My school starts at around 7. My ride comes at about 6 so I have to wake up at about 5 something since my brother an I share a bathroom. After that, teachers continuously give us more work. Not that it's my choice. I'm a new student in my school and the class was already getting started on group projects.

Teacher wanted to be fair so she assigned me to a group. Not only that but I only received the contents of the presentation today as well as the people who I was assigned to do for. I feel like I'm about to explode! In a bad way Jan 19, Count the minutes NEW by: Anonymous Hi I'm a sophomore and like the rest of you in the comments have a huge homework load and hardly sleep. I only do the homework I know is due before these times, and then work on the rest during lunch or during elective classes, time I have during the day.

It may not help too much, but something like that works for you.. Also, if its pages of notes or a ton of pages of something, its likely to be a completion grade, so don't spend as much time on those if you can.

Hope any of this helps?! Anonymous Sleep is something I have a fond memory of, but quite unsurprisingly cannot recall happening anytime in the last few years. I am currently a Junior in my IB school's DP program and besides the occasional no-hw weekend I am usually up until 20h00 doing homework because I can't get my ships together and I procrastinate like it's an Olympic sport. Even now I'm on this website when I'm supposed to be doing homework.

Jesus Christ I'm a not so hot mess. Arrrrgggghhhhh why am I like this. I almost wish I went to my low-key high-key shoddy home high school instead of the amazing IB program one I begged my parents to let me attend. What is my life. I'm on the corner of self-hatred and procrastination. Feb 10, I dont know what to do anymore NEW by: Anonymous I'm really really scared just thinking about the amount of work i have to do today and tomorrow and then day after.

I'm in the IB too and the amount of work is honestly suffocating! Feb 24, Ugh Anonymous Ok, I know I'm only in 7th grade, but I feel you. I have 7 and half hours of school with 7 and a half hours of hw. And since I'm in honors classes, it doubles.

Last night my schedule went like this: Right now I have good grades. Everything is blocked on my computer and I can't email my teacher. I'm so tired that I can barley keep my eyes open.

Feb 27, Procrastinator NEW by: Anonymous I'm a 10th grader doing the IB in Spain. I really really need help, like it's so bad. Basically I never ever do my homework, I hand in everything a week later, if they're major assignments maybe 3 days later. I have never handed in anything on time and I really don't know what to do.

I'll get 5 hours of sleep on average and I don't even do my homework. I block all social media accounts, I don't have my phone, yet I still manage to distract myself in every way possible I'm writing this while I have 20 assignments overdue.

I don't know who will see this but I really need help its so bad. Mar 21, Help me NEW by: Anonymous I'm in 7th grade with a ton of homework. I never get sleep and I'm starting to fail, help. Apr 05, Same NEW by: Anonymous I'm the same. Except I'm in eighth grade and I have no idea how I'll handle high school since I heard it's worse.

It's 3 am where I am and I still need to finish my English project and my algebra homework. My grades are slipping to become worse and worse. I have no idea what to do at this point. I'll probably just end up failing my tests tomorrow and have my parents and teachers telling me I just need to try harder.

There's too much pressure and I feel like everyone is doing so good with it all yet here I am. Anonymous I used to think that joining the IB program would show that I push myself and that I'm smarter. It is now April and all I have learned is that those who join full IB don't care about their health. Don't get me wrong, I like my classes. But I also like volleyball, having a social life, and volunteering.

It seems like these days college is looking for people who can balance all of these. Most of the people I know who are in full IB are having an extreme amount of activities to please the college admission gods and let us into a new and exciting world.

I, however, just want to sleep more than four hours a night and stop freaking out whenever I hear the word "homework", so count me out. Anonymous I am currently in 8th grade, and my homework load has been so much in this school. Yesterday, i was doing homework until 2: I can't stress the amount of homework i have to do, and i am incredibly sick because of sleep-deprivation. I used to be a straight A student who got a 4. Also, the raised the GPA overall, so an 85 - 87 is considered a 3.

This year has been my worst year, as i have been bullied constantly, sleep-deprived, and i have been trying to work through school days incredibly sick. To do homework, or to sleep? Which is more important: Should I attend my high school graduation? Punishment for being suspended from school? Parents forcing me to go to a grammar school for all girls. I want to stay at my currwnt schools comprehensive one.

So I'm a senior in high school this year, and I want to go to Japan after I graduate, and take a year there as a senior. But I must get good grades and pass. Teachers put a lot on us and its best not to fall behind. Yes, finishing homework is more important than sleep, because students need to learn to follow through on their commitments.

Part of going to school is learning how to juggle multiple commitments in order to make sure that all responsibilities get done. Students should learn they have to finish their work, whether they are tired or not. If a person stays up and finishes their homework on a school night, That's completely fine, Since it helps them pass their classes. They should catch up on that lost sleep on the weekends. The concept of sleep debt is that you can catch up on lost sleep.

Not by one long sleep but by maybe tacking on a one or two extra hours over the weekend. I stay up late every single school night, and weekends more often than not, trying to finish my homework, usually getting hrs of sleep per night, though all-nighters are not too uncommon.

Even with all these efforts I'm still only scraping by, since the majority of my grade is homework, but it's worth getting one less lecture from my parents and teachers about not finishing my work. Right now my sleep schedule is hours on school nights, but at least 8 hours on the weekend.

I have no choice. I get home from practice at 6: This is not for attention, it is a warning. The workload is literally impossible. They told us it would be two or three hours a night, which is already too much, but it is double that.

Sleep or Pass the classes. Homework is a necessary side to the life of school, college, and the work field. Students often consider this aspect of the learning world unimportant, but bad grades on homework could lead to bad grades in that class, which drags GPA's down which would in turn lessen the chances to get into a good college as a young adult.

Stay up a little later to finish that worksheet or math assignment. If you need to pass a test, you gotta finish your homework, and quick. With all of your understanding from your homework, you can ace any test. Once I stayed up until 2: Homework is struggle, especially algebra. So you better not fail, or you will have to do everything again. If you don't sleep then your gonna fall asleep in class and then you will definitely get an F and the teacher won't be happy,besides whats one homework assignment?

If you fall asleep in class,you're gonna miss more than if ya fall asleep doing homework,so,yeah,sleep is way more important than homework.

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If you dont sleep, you will obviously have a hard time doing your homework and wont get much done. You will see that when you take just a few hours of sleep, your brain will be more refreshed and better at taking in all the stress of your homework.

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Questions like “should I do my homework right now” or “should I do my homework now or later” arise daily. And everyone chooses individually. Whatever advice we would give you, you are still the one who makes a decision and sets your priorities and thus, you are .

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You can get new ideas on how to craft your essays and research about complex topics. Online homework help can aid in your college learning while allowing you to go to sleep without worrying about meeting deadlines. If you need help with your homework, do not hesitate to write us or submit the task on our website. We have experts in different subjects, so you will be matched to the right person for the job. Jan 20,  · It is pm. I have made my outline for my research paper. The next step is writing it. I don't have school tomorrow, so should I go ahead and write it before I go to bed, or just go to bed and Status: Resolved.

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Sleep is for the weak. Sleep is for the weak, finishing homework is important. They say you should time your stuff more carefully, but things come up. Sep 17,  · It's the first piece of homework I will be turning in to my teacher. It's a poem and I know it's going to take me a few hours to finish writing, printing, decorating, and all. It is 3 am right now and I have to wake up in 3 and a half hours, but I have gone to school on an hour of sleep Open.