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Navigate phone maze to a human. Rank among phone numbers. Tue Sep 11 This phone number is GE Consumer Relations's Best Phone Number because 12, customers like you used this contact information over the last 18 months and gave us feedback. Common problems addressed by the customer care unit that answers calls to include Where to buy, Complaint, Technical support, Repairs, Returns and other customer service issues. Rather than trying to call GE Consumer Relations we recommend you tell us what issue you are having and then possibly contact them via phone or web.

In total, GE Consumer Relations has 1 phone number. It's not always clear what is the best way to talk to GE Consumer Relations representatives, so we started compiling this information built from suggestions from the customer community. Please keep sharing your experiences so we can continue to improve this free resource. Contacting GE Consumer Relations - by phone or otherwise While is GE Consumer Relations's best toll-free number, there are 2 total ways to get in touch with them.

The next best way to talk to their customer support team, according to other GE Consumer Relations customers, is by telling GetHuman about your issue above and letting us find somebody to help you. Besides calling, the next favorite option for customers looking for help is via Online Help for Customer Service.

If you think this information is inaccurate or know of other ways to contact GE Consumer Relations please let us know so we can share with other customers.

And you can click here if you want to compare all the contact information we've gathered for GE Consumer Relations. GE Consumer Relations on Twitter. We have a fridge problem and we have spent about 10 days trying to get someone here and there seems to be no real chance of getting a solution unless we get lucky and make a connection.

Most ridiculous client service ever. How to really annoy your customers?!! We have had the absolute worst customer service with GE. Our washing machine has been serviced 4 times for the same issue since we purchased it in Oct. We have been caught in a loop. He makes no notes in our case file as to contacting TAG so when we call in again, consumer relations just repeats the process. The same GE service technician is sent out.

This time, the tech came out, plugged in his diagnostic computer, and after speaking with TAG, handed us a paper with the customer relations number on it and said, "There's nothing more I can do.

You'll need to call this number. With this last service appointment, we also received an email the day after the tech was at our house saying our appointment had been canceled. Yet the technician was indeed here, called TAG, and handed us the consumer relations number.

We have spent an enormous amount of time on the phone and waiting to have our washer fixed. This is a joke. If I could give them less than a one star rating I would.

Dealing with them and FedEx has been an absolute nightmare. An absolute freaking nightmare. The timing switch for my dryer broke back in October so I ordered a new part. Then that part broke 7 months in this past May.

I called them, got bounced around, and then finally got to a Returns Representative. They scheduled FedEx to come get my part that I'd have out on the bottom step and all would be well.

I mistakenly forgot to set the package out. That's was entirely my fault, but then FedEx called me back and advised when they would be coming back. This time I had the part in a box with its return number on it as instructed.

And FedEx never picked it up. It is that date right now. I went to FedEx, they scanned the barcode and it came back expired. I was bounced around again, placed on hold and then the line went silent, I called back, was placed on hold again, sent to the wrong division of the parts department, the sales representative gave me the direct number to the Parts Returns Department and then transferred me to the queue thank you to her, by the way, but everyone else was absolutely terrible , I finally get a returns representative and tells me that she can't generate a new label through FedEx who will be getting a review as well I might add because their site is down.

She told me to call back later and maybe it'll be working again. I asked why the label expired early. She told me I had to print it on the day I receive the email.

I told her that is not what I was advised and that is not what the email stated. She repeated herself which is call center code for the representative has no intentions of helping you anymore and just wants you off their line I've worked for call centers before , and so I said thanks and goodbye because I knew I was wasting more of my time and breath. Utterly livid by the incompetence. I will never purchase a GE Appliance again just so I can avoid their terrible customer service less that one Parts Sales Representative.

Our 7 month old washer quit spinning and draining last Saturday, I called service on Monday and was told how to troubleshoot and if that didn't work, call back and they will send someone out. I called again and they scheduled a service call for Wednesday between 8 am and noon.

My husband stayed home from work to wait for repairman unpaid time off. Repair said we need a drain pump and they are on back order until July. My husband suggested we get a new machine then "right" and he said we have to give them until Friday to try to find the part so call back on Friday.

Vickie called today and left my husband a message that he couldn't understand so he called back and waited 30 minutes the first time and 45 the next time before he finally gave up. He told me that so I called and put on speaker on my desk and got through to the same number I called on Monday where I was told Vickie left a message that explained she will call back again next Wednesday to let us know when we might expect the part to be in.

I was talking to Shakea sp , she transferred me to Tanika sp when I told her that was unacceptable. We have a GE refrigerator that is only 3 years old. To date have had 3 service calls and had to manually defrost on our own multiple times to get the fan to spin. GE has not been helpful at all. Ice maker never works properly.

Have lost much food, time and money to this fridge. Have had family members with GE appliances and similar experiences. Cannot review the appliance as we have never gotten it. No phone call for delivery timing. We called and automated call said delivery at 2pm. We stayed home all day just in case.

The service on the phone was horrible and they said that item had just delivered to warehouse which when we ordered said was in stock when ordered.

We were hung up on countless times and also no one could help. They kept sending us a department that we needed to work with was closed. Our last GE Appliance blew up and we were going to change companies but we did like the previous one other than it blowing up after 8 years. Talked with manager Christine from Home Delivery Support.

Even they cannot help. We purchased a GE Profile refrigerator and microwave in when we built our house. Two years later the circuit board failed on the ice and water dispenser. Shortly after, the light in the microwave failed. Buy a new light bulb and screw it in? A technician must come and take the thing apart. It failed last week, and we are still waiting for parts. Meanwhile we have our food in a 45 year old GE refrigerator out in the garage where it is exposed to dust, heat, and cold.

We never spent a dime on that old GE. It keeps humming away. I would never buy another GE product. The stock is selling at historic lows and it is endangered of being delisted from the Dow Jone Averages. What Harvard MBA genius came up with the idea that manufacturing junk will benefit a once wonderful company?

Had a new home built in April of with all brand new GE appliance. Initially GE was quick to send a technician out. The first technician cancelled the initial appointment.

I took another day off from work for the technician to come in for 5 minutes and say he had to order a part. Three weeks later after I followed up with the technician one part came in fan , but the board wouldn't be in until the following week. That's two days off from work. Another couple of weeks go by and part still has not arrived.

I call GE customer relations and spoke with Erica who was nice and she order the part and had it overnights to my home. I asked for a new repair company to install, they come and the wrong part was sent to my home. Again had to wait another two weeks before part arrived. We are now at three months. Technician came install new parts, oven worked when tech left.

Tried cooking dinner tonight less than 24 hours later and same code F97 is back. Technician can come back until Tuesday of next week. It is ridiculous to expect a customer to go months without an oven.

Supervisor would not allow me to talk to anyone above her. On April 16 it stopped working. I called General Electric and a appointment was scheduled for the 20th. The service man came out. Stated it was fixed. I spoke to a rep but the name of Amanda put me in for May 4 and no tech.

I think the way I have been treated is ridiculous and unfair. GE sent a repairman who did not know what he was doing. After working two hours to repair our microwave, he broke a wire to the oven that destroyed the unit. Not only did they get money for an entire new unit but they're trying to get us to pay for this guy's time spent destroying our oven. I have had my oven for under a year. It's still covered under warranty. GE has given me nothing but a complete run around for 3 weeks.

I have been unable to use it for these 3 weeks due to my energy company red tagging it and saying there are high excessive levels of Carbon monoxide coming from oven. There is a horrible nauseating chemical smell that goes thru my whole house coming from oven as it heats up.

Sooo bad I have to open the windows!! GE sent a technician out who claims the CO reading is within normal range and the smell is normal!!! GE proceeds to tell me there is nothing more they can do for me. As far as they are concern the situation is closed. So here I sit with a 10 month old stove I can't use or use and hope my house doesn't blow from the Carbon monoxide!!!

Horrible horrible customer service that can care less about you as the consumer. Bought a GE dishwasher about 3 years ago. Within 6 months the gasket fell off the door. Then it wouldn't run at all. Took the tech 8 Hours to figure it out. Then it stopped again. Now the door closing isn't communicating with the computer. I'm on my 4TH service call. Says there are problems with the warehouse. Can't get the parts soon. They are in Indiana, I'm in Ohio. GE's product quality is so I won't buy another product of GE.

They've gone way downhill. GE Factory Service was dispatched and provided a 4 hr window to perform the service but on the day of the appointment it changed from 8 a. GE did not call the contact number by 3 p. No service was performed on the scheduled date and a new dispatch of a different vendor is now scheduled. GE is not a reputable service vendor and we would like this review to be known.

It's now been 4 months and they still refuse to exchange or refund, they will only send a repair person over and over and it's still not working. Each time they order a part it takes 3 weeks or it's a wrong part. I'm completely shocked that they aren't being remorseful and offering to exchange for a working freezer!

Hair Fridge Repair - Worst experience ever and I mean the worst. The notes are all in our case. We have been without a fridge since it first went out on Friday, March 2nd. It is an unreasonable expectation to let a customer go an entire month with no fridge. Nobody seems to care about the added cost and crazy inconvenience. This appliance is less than 3 months old. Your processes don't work. Before you buy your next Appliance from G. Do you need the extra aggravation from the customer service department, because they really can't do a damn thing?

Well if your answer is yes, Then buy your next appliance from G. They offer that and so much more. Our washer is only 7 months old. The washer stopped agitating so we called GE, they sent someone out to access and possibly fix. The technician was nice and respectful and seemed to know his job. The motor he said was bad so he ordered a new one, he said it would take about days to get. I thought that time frame was a bit lengthy, so I called customer service. The motor came and I called to set up the appointment, got the appointment for the next day.

The technician was the same man so he was familiar with the machine, he took apart our washer and tried to put the new motor in, but it was the wrong motor. He ordered a new one and said he was going to try to have them overnight it, but that never happened, so I called customer service again only to find out that they wouldn't overnight it and it would be another days before it came. The right motor came, so I called GE to set up the appointment, got the next day.

I had to cancel some appointments, but it was a Thursday and I couldn't do Friday so the next available day was Monday. And we needed to do laundry bad. The new motor was put in, the technician said it was working, he left and I threw some sheets and stuff in the washer and it was doing the same damn thing.

Called GE, they can't do anything till Monday. So on Monday a new technician comes out, again a very nice, respectful man looks at the machine and assesses it is definitely having the same issue, I show him the part that the other technician replaced and was definitely confused. The technician went to his truck he had another motor replaced it with the other one, the machine still doesn't work. The technician now thinks it is a capacitor, so I called customer service once again to have them overnight this part at the technician request, customer service said I should receive the part by Tuesday night so the technician set up the next appointment for Wednesday morning.

Tuesday night came looked on the porch to find nothing, that's right no capacitor so now I have taken more time off for Nothing!! Called customer service only to find out that the part won't be here till Friday and there is nothing they can do till Monday, and there is no guarantee that this new part will work.

So on Monday it will be a month since my first call for the repair. And the best G. They won't overnight another part, because there is one coming on Friday that was supposed to be here on what's the small matter of a couple of days? So before you buy your next appliance from G.

I don't but I am forced into it, so instead of lighting a fire in my appliance and delivering to them, I am writing out my frustrations and hoping someone else's time, money and patience will be saved. I bought a new home, with brand new GE appliances.

I have never seen an oven die, and this is my first new oven. I contacted the builder who referred me to GE, where I followed the phone prompts to set up my repair appointment. A few days later, I was contacted by a representative in Atlanta while I was at work. She asked me to leave information on her voicemail if I wasn't able to reach her directly, which I did. I told her the oven had short circuited, there was a fire, the CB popped, and I had a hole in the bottom of my oven from it.

I could not find any contact to give me a better time window. I had to sacrifice an entire workday to sit at home and wait for someone to show up. Just before 1 pm, the technician calls to ask me what the problem is. I found out later that Ms. The technician spent 45 minutes at least not counting other stops he'd have made driving out to my home to evaluate the electrically short circuited oven only to create another case file, and let me know to expect a call from a GE Customer Rep.

The technician was clean, nice, and professional But can you believe he tried to sell me a warranty package? The builder installed 6 GE appliances for us, and he was plenty happy to try to sell me a policy. Our 17 year old GE Profile refrigerator stopped cooling down.

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