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❶Discuss trends or practices in corporate finance that are globally accepted as necessary towards investment growth. To do that, you will need to look at my lists here and in other articles I've written.

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Stated below are some financial research topics and brief explanation of what might be included in the research paper. Politics and Finance This topic is an interesting one that seeks to analyze the size and scope of financial lobby as well as its impact on the political structure of a state.

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Finding topics to write about for your finance research paper are not hard to find at all. In fact, you have been holding onto your best resource all year, your textbook.

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Feb 21,  · What are the most interesting research topics for finance undergrad? What are some of the most interesting topics to research in finance at the PhD level? What is interesting research topic in analytics for finance and accounting grad? The topics for research in finance and banking are only limited by imagination. With today’s economy at crisis level the research availability is immeasurable. Your research topic really depends on what area of banking and finance you are studying or interested in.

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Dec 22,  · Tips for Selecting a Finance Projects Topic mbalectures January 13, December 3, 65 Comments A clearly defined research topic is the first step in successful research. Go through the notes and select the most interesting and up-to-date finance topics for a research paper. These aspects play an important role in the success of your assignment. When you are about to start working on your paper, it is also crucial to make sure that you are choosing an interesting financial topic according to your preferences.